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Why find out about your DNA and biochemistry?


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Epigenetics is a revolutionary approach to medicine that, in simplified terms, is the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on or off.

In other words, our DNA is not our destiny – we are learning that, by making better, more personalised nutritional, environmental and lifestyle choices, we can prevent many lifestyle-related chronic diseases. When I got cancer at the age of 35, I was completely baffled.

I was a practicing homeopath, living an ultra-healthy lifestyle eating a raw vegan diet. I couldn’t understand how it “happened” to me. I had no history of breast cancer or cancer in my family. Epigenetics gave me the answer. If and when you do a DNA test, you will be able to refer to it for the rest of your life. It is your cornerstone for making the right NEL choices. It is YOU and who you will always be. It will also help you understand what your pre-dispositions are and help you avoid them from becoming reality.  

No, it's scary. It's empowering and inspiring!  

While your DNA is who you are and will always be, a biochemistry test allows you to know where you are right now. By having this information, you can completely personalise your nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices to support your DNA – and most importantly your WHY.

Dr Heidi

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