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Quiz | Which DNA test is right for me?


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Have you been wondering which DNA test would be most useful for you? Take our quiz and we'll email you our recommendations.

We have 2 types of DNA tests: Nutrigenomic and Pharmacogenomic - questions for both are included in the quiz.


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Your full genetic code that, can be found in every cell in your body, is called your genome. The part of your DNA that codes for proteins is called the exome. Proteins are building blocks for many structures in the body 

The full human genome was only sequenced in 2003. The implications of this are, that much research done prior to 2003, may need to be redone to incorporate the impact of the test subject's unique genetic variations which were not taken into account before then. Much research done after 2003 has looked at, among many things, the effect of specific genetic variations as predictors of disease risk.

Nutrigenomic DNA tests

Nutrients and enzymes run your biochemistry. Nutrigenomic DNA tests look at whether key enzymes that work to turn the cogs in your biochemistry are misspelt, and how this might affect your biochemistry and your 'potentials for' and 'risks for' certain biochemical imbalances. These imbalances can manifest as a physical sign or symptom if not resolved. These tests are a great tool to detect potential 'weak points' in your biochemistry long before you develop a lifestyle-related chronic disease as a result. This is very empowering because you can work to support and rebalance your biochemistry and 'turn off' your lifestyle-related chronic disease potential. We believe this is where true prevention begins! 


The nutrigenomic DNA tests:

Pharmacogenomic DNA tests 

Pharmacogenomic tests will show how well your body can metabolise certain medications or classes of medications, so you can get the maximum benefit with least side effects.

The pharmacogenomic DNA tests:

The results report will help your healthcare practitioner personalise your medication script based on your DNA!

  • Whether a specific medication is best for you
  • Whether you need a different class of medications
  • Whether you will metabolise a medication faster than average thus need more, or the same dose more frequently
  • Whether you will metabolise it slower than average thus need less

 Pharmacogenomic | Sample Report



Take our quiz to determine which DNA test is right for you:

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