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What's your WHY for optimal wellness?


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We believe, that in order for you to succeed, it's important for you to understand your personal motivations for optimal wellness - in other words your personal health 'why's'. Heidi and I have different 'why's'.

Our main 'why' is that we want to prevent a recurrence of our cancers. We also want to thrive as we grow older, to spend quality time with our kids and husbands while feeling amazing. Your why is more important than willpower. They are deeply personal and as unique as your DNA. They're your motivation to start taking action.

You may have watched a friend or family member suffer, or pass away, from a chronic lifestyle-related disease and want to avoid that, or you may want to live pain-free, full of energy, with optimism and optimal brain functioning until your last breath! Sign up for our email list on our website and get a free video and questionnaire to help you find your unique WHY!


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