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Wall Stand


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A wall mounted work-station that allows you to sit or stand while you work and simply folds away leaving an elegant wall feature behind or none at all! The WallStand simply clips onto the two supplied screws when needed or unclip for easy storage. Lightweight shelving is fully height adjustable and easily slots together.


  • Hidden rear mounted struts allow the WallStand and shelving to appear floating
  • Comes with 2 x wall screws and simple mounting instructions.
  • Simply detach and hide away when you don't need it.
  • Deeper shelving for enhanced usability, more keyboard, mouse and paper space
  • Can easily adapt to a sitting position by lowering the bottom shelf
  • Innovative flat pack design with no screws for environmentally friendly transport and easy storage


  • 100% lifetime return policy

"We love this innovative desk stand to help us combat hours of sitting still in front of our computers.The latest research has stressed the importance of microcirculation during the day – sitting without standing for 1 minute each hour inhibits microcirculation. Microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels. This contrasts with macrocirculation, which is the circulation of blood to and from the organs. The microcirculation is composed of terminal arterioles, capillaries, and venules that drain capillary blood. Microcirculation is the link between blood and a single cell. By this link, tissue and single cells are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. A better supply of blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients to a cell means that the cell functions better".


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  • Extremely strong, Premium, 18mm Baltic Birch plywood material
  • JUMBO topshelf may be used for two 21.5" screens OR laptop/screen
  • JUMBO bottom shelf may be used for a keyboard, mouse and extra storage
  • Weight: 16kg's

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