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Snack Bar | Berry Burst


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RUSH Berry Burst bars are raw and ‘free-from’ all the bad stuff ensuring they retain their nutritional integrity. These bars are specifically designed for health conscious individuals and are made with superfood ingredients to boost your immune system and are high in protein to keep you satisfied for longer. With the hectic lifestyle faced by many people today, it is easy to rely on nutritionally poor, quick fix snacks or even worse, miss a meal. 


  • RUSH Berry Burst bars contain high-quality proteins, slow-release carbohydrates and are high in fibre without the sugar
  • They are a delicious and soft-textured chewy crisp snack that conveniently fits into pockets, bags and glove compartments making sure your nutritional demands are met no matter where you are


  • Preservative free
  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
  • Dairy free
  • Egg free
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Low GI
  • High fibre
  • Raw

Pair with these tests

To check if you should include this product in your daily supplement protocol, you can order the following DNA and/or biochemistry tests online: 



Dates, Gluten free oats, Raw honey, Almonds, Flaxseed powder, Pumpkin seeds, Gogi berries, Cranberries, Pomegranate aerials, Cacao nibs, Mulberries, Ginger, Cinnamon


Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

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