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Posture Corrector | LUMO Lift


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Your posture is important but often forgotten about during our hectic lifestyles.
Our busy schedules make it a real challenge to identify and correct our poor postures. LUMO Lift reminds you to sit up straight by gently vibrating when you slouch. 


  • All-in-one posture enhancer and wearable fitness tracker.
  • Record and track your healthy posture hours
  • Track your steps taken per day and distance travelled via the LUMO Lift app
  • Track your calories burned while sitting up straight
  • Improve your posture while sitting, stand taller and appear more confident
  • Lightweight and discreet wearable accessory attached subtly underneath your clothes.
  • Comes standard with 1 x silver clasp and 1 x black clasp
  • Works and syncs wirelessly with Bluetooth equipped smartphones 


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LUMO Lift requires downloading the free Lumo Lift app to your smartphone to activate the device. (search "LUMO Lift" on iOS app store here, or Google Play Store here)
Please ensure you download and read the LUMO Lift manual from prior to operating the device.

Your Commitment

LUMO Lift is a product which requires your commitment to changing age-old habits and a basic level of tech savvy and familiarity with the product for effective results. 

Warnings | Interactions

Customers with medical implants (pacemakers, etc) please consult with your physician regarding the use of magnets in proximity to your implant prior to purchasing Lumo Lift.

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