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Nutrition & your DNA


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Food is energy, information, connection and medicine for your body. What you eat, feeds your DNA. Every time you eat, you send messages to your genes to change the way they express themselves. Every meal is a chance to alter your genetic expression and 'turn off' your potential for lifestyle-related chronic illnesses, and 'turn on' optimal wellness.

Knowing more about your unique DNA can really help you focus your nutrition and supplement choices on the areas of your DNA that need the most support.

It can also help you to focus your health budget so you only take what your body needs. It's very easy to get caught up in the latest diet or supplement fad and end up taking what might be good for everyone or for someone else. This way, you know exactly what your body needs, and in what form.

If you want to get started before doing a DNA test, take a look at our Foundation 5 shop. Here, we've listed supplements that are good for everyone (unless you have a specific instruction from your doctor to saying that you shouldn't take a certain nutrient in the Foundation 5. Please remember to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement). 

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