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NUTRiBULLET | 8 Piece Nutrition Extractor 600 Watt


R 1,995.00

The Superfood Nutrition Extractor 

Transform ordinary food into superfood and add years to your life. Helps increase the 'phyto' availability of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to enable you to gain the full benefits of your food.


  • Busts open seeds
  • Cracks through stems
  • Shreds tough skin
  • Breaks down ingredients into their most nutritious, most absorptive state!


  • Enables you to include more nutrients into your diet to nourish your DNA & biochemistry
  • Easy to use

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Your Nutribullet kit includes:

  • 1 600W Powerbase
  • 1 Tall Cup
  • 1 Short Cup
  • 1 Comfort Lip Ring
  • 1 Extractor blade
  • 1 Resealable Lid
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist
  • 1 Super simple NutriBlasts Recipe Book

Optimal user guidelines

1. Rule number one is to not overfill the cup. The "max" line is there for good reason and it should be adhered to at all times. If you fill the cup over the max line, this will lessen the impact of the cyclonic action and, at the same time, increase the possibility of leakage.

2. The other thing that some people get wrong is that they don't secure the cup/blade assembly tightly enough before blasting. Here again, the problem is that leakage can result, so you should give the cup/blade assembly an extra twist to make sure that it's tightly fastened onto the cup.

3. If leakage does occur the remedy is quite simple. The watchwords are care and speed. The steps to be taken are as follows:

3.1 Unplug the power base.

3.2 Wipe the power base and the actuators with a warm soapy dishcloth

3.3 Do this without delay so as to prevent stickiness from setting in

3.4 Where stickiness does ensue, it again takes little more than a few wipes with a wet dishcloth to put it right. In such situations, it is recommended that the dishcloth first is dipped in a solution comprising 90% water and 10% vinegar.

3.5 Where grime gets into the (white) actuators, as can happen in case of leaks, a toothbrush is ideal for dislodging it.

4. Never run the motor for more than 40 seconds at a time. Doing so can cause the NutriBullet to overheat, and then to stall (courtesy of a built-in safety device). If it does stall, cooling off period should be an hour or more and then retry. If the problem persists don't hesitate to call our NutriBullet service line. Tel: 0861 777 997

5. Never put boiling or hot liquids in the NutriBullet. The cup is made out of plastic - albeit ultra-strong plastic - and is designed for use with ingredients at ambient or warm temperatures. It also takes ice incidentally, so frozen or cold ingredients are no problem.

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