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We've curated every product in our I DO | Nutrition shop based on their nutrigenomic properties and leading manufacturing standards. Nutrigenomics is the study of food and nutrients as one of the most important environmental modifiers of gene expression. A personalised protocol based on your unique DNA, biochemistry and symptoms can help you create optimal wellness and prevent many chronic lifestyle-related diseases. This is called 'personalised scientific wellness'.


Probyo Immune packs an immune-boosting punch with a cultured blend of beneficial herb extracts. Probyo is a Cape Town based company that produces quality craft cultured drinks that are meticulously prepared using only the finest ingredients that have been selected for their beneficial properties. Probyo offers three fermented superfood drink options: Sports, Immune and Digestive.


  • Chamomile contains terpenoids and flavonoids
  • Rose Hip contains citric acid, malic acid and vitamin C
  • Olive leaves contain polyphenols and elenolic acid
  • Elderberry flowers contain polyphenols, anthocyanins and flavonoids
  • Siberian Ginseng contains ginsenosids , flavonoids, Vitamin B and pectin
  • Astragalus root contains flavonoids and saponins
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria - probiotic-rich lacto fermented foods have been the traditional source of probiotics for humans for thousands of years. Probyo uses a consortium of various species of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium to produce their cultured drinks
  • Fermented fruit juice -rich vitamins and nutrients. The lacto-fermentation of the fruit juice increases the vitamin content as well as the bio-availability of the nutrients. This process of lacto-fermentation converts the fruit juice sugars, such as glucose and fructose, into organic acids through the action of lactic acid bacteria, resulting in a final product that is sugar-free. The result is that Probyo Cultured Drinks are sugar-free
  • Craft Cultured - Probyo craft cultured drinks are meticulously made using only the best quality ingredients selected for their beneficial properties. Each ingredient is screened to meet Probyo's high standards. Each batch of product is mixed, brewed and bottled in small quantities under the watchful eye of the brewing team. A quality assurance manager monitors the brewing process daily to ensure the brew quality. Before each brew is bottled, quality tests are performed to make sure minimum standards have been met. Some brews take up to 1 month to reach maturity. Being a natural product there can be slight differences in taste between brews
  • Lacto- Fermentation - Probyo cultured drinks are all produced using natural lacto-fermentation. Lacto-fermentation involves the use of a consortium of naturally occurring probiotic microbes such as yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria to ferment natural plant sugars and other biogenic substances. During the process, sugars are converted to organic acids such as lactic acid, acetic acid, ascorbic acid, citric acid, malic acid, propionic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid and butyric acid (found in butter) thus leaving the product essentially sugar free and diabetic friendly. These organic acids act as natural preservatives preserving the biogenic ingredients and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Biogenic Substances - Probyo cultured drinks are rich in biogenic substances. Biogenic substances are substances produced by a life process.The ingredients used in Probyo cultured foods are all biogenic substances originating from plants. Biogenic substances are also produced during the culturing process through the enzymatic and metabolic activities of probiotic microbes. These biogenic substances include functional foods such as organic acids, indoles, polyphenols, flavonoids, phytoalexins, vitamins, carotenoids and enzymes. When these biogenic substances are fermented they become more bioavailable unlocking their full potential as functional foods.


  • Probyo provides live microbes to unlock your natural energy
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • Preservative free
  • Low salt

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Purified and structured water, lactic acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium spp. Lactobacillus spp.), Fermented Herbs: chamomile flowers, rosehips, olive leaf, elderberry, ginseng astralagalu

How to serve

  • Dilute 15ml (1 tablespoon) or more as desired with water or fruit juice
  • Enjoy daily or more frequently


  • Store at room temperature or refrigerate - keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place with lid tightly sealed
  • Sedimentation (floating white 'dots') may form - this is normal as it is a natural product
  • Once opened consume within one month, if not refrigerated - If refrigerated consume within two months

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