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Homeopathic | The Blue Box™

Pegasus Homeopathics

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This Blue Box™ is a must for every home! 

The Bluebox Kit™ provides 28 easy-to-use remedies, together with a comprehensive information booklet to treat a wide variety of everyday ailments. 
The kit also contains a small bottle of herbal antiseptic solution for use on cuts and abrasions.

The conditions covered include allergies, hay fever, sinus congestion, colic, teething, nausea, diarrhoea, shock, indigestion, coughs and colds, sore throats, headaches, constipation, insect stings and bites, morning sickness, dizziness, injuries and many more.

The Pegasus Bluebox Kit™ was created to answer the need for an easy-to-use and easily-available homoeopathic all-in-one solution that everyone could understand and use.

Note by Dr Heidi

"I have used the Pegasus Blue Box for many years, as has my mom, sister, brother and Margie. I have used the remedies on my daughters from birth. The remedies have averted many an unknown illness before it could take hold. As a trained homeopath, I know how hard homeopathy can be to access if you know nothing about it. This box makes using this wonderful non-toxic, deep-acting form of medicine accessible to everyone - even kids can read the simple bottle labels. I believe every household should have one!". 

Benefits | Features

  • It's simple and easy to use
  • Treats the whole family from infants to the elderly
  • Covers most of the common acute ailments that families might encounter
  • The kit is compact and travels well
  • Safe for use with allopathic medications
  • Safe for babies, and pregnant and breastfeeding mums
  • Readily taken by children, no alcohol or nasty-tasting syrups
  • Can’t overdose – even if a child swallows the contents of a bottle it’s the same as one dose
  • Comes with comprehensive information booklet to guide you
  • Quick response time with these remedies
  • The remedies don’t expire
  • A once-off purchase of box - just need to buy refills
  • Refills are available

Remedies in The Blue Box

  • Anti-spasm 200c - baby colic, stomach cramps, leg cramps, menstrual cramps
  • Anti-

    virabac 200c - natural antibiotic, safe for those allergic to penicillin
  • Arthritis & gout 30c - inflammatory pain, arthritis, gout
  • Bites 30c - serious bites i.e. spider, scorpion, snake, dog bite
  • Boils & abscesses 6c - boils, abscesses, can push out splinters
  • Bronchial relief 30c - wheezing, dry cough, tight chest, bronchitis, croup
  • Calming 30c - general calmative, non-drowsy
  • Cold & flu 30c - a runny nose, body aches, congestion, headaches
  • Constipation 6c - natural laxative with gentle action, safe in children
  • Cystitis 30c - bladder infection, burning urine, increased frequency
  • of urination
  • Fluid imbalance 6c - dehydration, fluid retention, oedema, swollen ankles
  • Gastric plus 30c - acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, flatulence
  • Headache 30c - headaches associated with muscle tension and stress
  • Hayfever 6c - itchy eyes & nose, sneezing, itchy palate
  • Histamine comp 30c - allergies, skin rash, chicken pox, itchy skin in animals
  • Immune defence 30c - helps strengthen the immune system when challenged
  • Injury 6c - bruises, sprains, muscle strain, nerve injury, crush injuries
  • Liver 30c - hangover, overindulgence, jaundice, hepatitis
  • Migraine 30c - migraines and hormonal headaches
  • Mucodrainol3 0c - drains thick mucus from chest, nose or ears
  • N.v.d 30c (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea) - and dehydration
  • Sinus 30c - sinus congestion & pain, post-nasal drip, blocked ears
  • Sleep 30c - settles an overactive mind, restores sleep pattern
  • Sting 30c - insect stings & bites, sunburn, scalds
  • Teething, pain & fever 30c - teething, dental pain, fever
  • Throat 200c - painful, inflamed & infected throat
  • T.r.s 200c (trauma, rescue, shock) - shock, grief, traumatic experiences
  • V.m.t 30c (vertigo, morning & travel sickness) - as described

    More info

    Homoeopathic remedies can be made from plant, animal or mineral substances. These substances, in homeopathic potency, each have unique mental, emotional and physical characteristics that have been identified by homeopathic practitioners over many years of trial and practice.

    Homeopathic remedies are available as either single remedies called simplexes (termed classical homeopathy) or as a combination of more than one ingredient, called complexes (clinical homeopathy).

    Treatment by a homeopathic doctor involves an in-depth, individual approach by a highly specialised professional. For the layperson, who wants to treat themselves naturally but who does not have the specialised knowledge, the combination remedies are more user-friendly. 

    The Pegasus remedies are homeopathic complexes, combining the common remedies for each ailment into one remedy to provide effective treatment.

    The aim is to make this gentle system of healing more accessible to the layperson by making it easy-to-use.

    Benefits of Homeopathy


    Each remedy may be used for a number of different ailments e.g. The Sting 30C remedy, which can be used for any stinging sensation from a bee, wasp or jellyfish sting to a hot water scald and even severe sunburn. The Anti-spasm 200C remedy can be used for any muscle spasm from stomach cramps and colic in babies to leg cramps and menstrual cramps.


    Good health is all about balance. An illness may be seen as an imbalance in a particular area of the body.

    Our bodies have an innate intelligence that works continuously to restore us to health. 

    Homeopathic remedies simply provide the stimulus or a ‘message of healing’ to the body to rectify the imbalance.

    Each dose of the remedy is a reminder to the body to continue the healing process.


    Homeopathy not only treats symptoms but also works to shift the underlying reason for the imbalance.

    This means that using the remedies on a regular basis for a particular ailment e.g. hay fever or cystitis, will result in fewer episodes as the body is brought closer to balance.

    The higher potencies of the pegasus remedies mean a quick response time. In most cases, a response is felt after the 3rd dose.

    In acute conditions, the body uses up the remedies very quickly, so the higher potencies are more effective and also allow for healing of the underlying condition.


    Homeopathy is absolutely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to use as well as for newborn infants.


    Homeopathy can be safely used in conjunction with conventional medicine as it will not interfere with or hinder the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, the homeopathic remedy will go to work, treating both the cause and the symptoms.


    Our pets can benefit from homeopathy as the remedies are extremely effective for animals. 


    Because homoeopathic remedies never expire, they are very cost-effective. Unlike conventional pharmaceutical drugs, you will not have to throw them out if you don’t use them within a specified time period.


    It is not possible to overdose on homeopathic remedies. The body uses what it needs and simply eliminates whatever it doesn’t require.


    Is homeopathy safe?

    Homeopathy, being an extremely diluted (but highly energized) medication is SAFE to use during pregnancy, for newborn infants and for the elderly. Beyond the 12C potency, there is no measurable molecular mass of the original substance, hence NO allergic response is possible.

    Is homeopathy slow to work?

    In ACUTE conditions, as long as the person doses frequently to begin with, the ‘healing messages’ filter through to the body rapidly and the intrinsic healing ability of the body is activated within THREE DOSES or less. In deep CHRONIC work, where a classical Homeopath may only give a single remedy once a week or less, the response time may be slower but this ‘constitutional’ treatment brings about wonders. In deep Chronic illness, expect a month of healing for each year that the illness has prevailed.

    Do the remedies expire?

    Homeopathic remedies are energetic. There is most often, no measurable molecular mass/substance to expire. The subconscious mind ‘sees’ the ‘holographic picture’ of the original starter substance, which triggers the innate energetic response. Simply success (tap the bottle a few times in the palm of the hand) the remedy before dosing, should it not have been used in a while. This re-activates the Homeopathic principle.

    Do homeopathic medicines interact with conventional, allopathic medicines

    Homeopathy is very COMPLEMENTARY to our Allopathic (chemical) drugs. Homeopathy strives to treat the cause of the disease, while the drugs alleviate palliatively the symptoms. Herbology and Homeopathy also are synergistic. The Herbs act on a physical level but aren’t addictive like chemicals, while the Homeopathic remedies heal at a deeper level.

    How should homeopathic medication be stored?

    All medication should be kept as cool as possible. Homeopathics however, are far more resilient to heat than are allopathic drugs. They are generally packed in quality amber glass bottles, which further ‘insulate’ from heat and light. (Homeopathics should not be stored alongside microwaves, T.V’s, Cellphones and other ‘radiating’ appliances for fear of interfering with the Energetic aspect intrinsic to Homeopathy. Moisture also will damage the pillules).

    What are the strengths of Homopathic remedies?

    The remedies are designated by their name and potency e.g. SINUS 30C (the C stands for the number of dilution and succussions, applied to the particular remedy, a 200C has been potentized and diluted many times more than a 30C and would generally be applied where the condition is highly emotional and for deeper constitutional action. Below 12C there is a measurable molecular mass of active substance and these are used in acute cases, where a more ‘physical’ action is required. 30C remedies are a nice balance between physical action on symptoms but simultaneously healing at a deeper constitutional level i.e. treating cause and symptom!)

      Directions for use

      As directed on each bottle.


      Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

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