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Folic Acid


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We've curated every product in our I DO | Nutrition shop based on their nutrigenomic properties and leading manufacturing standards. Nutrigenomics is the study of food and nutrients as one of the most important environmental modifiers of gene expression. A personalised protocol based on your unique DNA, biochemistry and symptoms can help you create optimal wellness and prevent many chronic lifestyle-related diseases. This is called 'personalised scientific wellness'.

60 Tablets

The Natural Folate Form of Folic Acid

This is the activated form of folic acid meaning is it the most useful to the body for methylation. 

Benefits | Features

  • Helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects when taken daily, prior to becoming pregnant and during early pregnancy
  • Helps the body to metabolise proteins
  • Helps the body form new red blood cells
  • Helps prevent folate deficiency

"Tetrahydrofolate plays an indirect role in the rate-limiting step of DNA synthesis. Folic acid reduces damage to DNA and prevents replication errors. Folic acid deficiency disturbs cell cycling, induces cell apoptosis, and increases the rate of cell death. In the bone marrow, abnormal cellular maturation and division caused by folic acid deficiency lead to the development of abnormal red blood cell precursors, which are known as megaloblasts. Megaloblasts are unable to mature into red blood cells properly and many of them are phagocytosed by macrophages in the bone marrow, which contributes to the development of megaloblastic anaemia".

Dr. Heidi

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60 Tablets
Serving size: 1 Tablet
Servings per container: 60
Amount per tablet:
Ingredient Amount
Folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium) 500µg


Adults and children over 9 years of age: Take 1 tablet daily.

Cautions | Warnings | Interactions

Consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Do not exceed recommended dosages unless on the advice of a healthcare provider. If you are on medication, taking nutritional supplements, suffering from any medical condition, pregnant, or breastfeeding, it is advisable to seek medical advice before starting any new food, supplement or remedy. Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep out of the reach of children. 

Side effects

  • Folic acid is generally well tolerated at the recommended dose.


  • There are no known contraindications.


  • Methotrexate: There is some evidence that folic acid supplements reduce the efficacy of methotrexate. Only use this combination under medical supervision.

Special precautions

  • Folate should never be given alone or with inadequate amounts of vitamin B12 for the treatment of megaloblastic or pernicious anaemia.

Pregnancy | Breast Feeding

  • Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding at recommended doses.


Store tightly closed in a cool, dry, dark place.

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