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Environment and your DNA


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As you read more on our website or about Functional Medicine, you will see that there are three main pillars of almost everything we talk about. Nutrition, environment, and lifestyle – often referred to as NEL. 

It is our choices in these three areas of your life that can support your DNA – and reduce your chances of having a chronic lifestyle-related disease such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes or heart disease.  

The environment is a biggie. When we refer to 'environment' we are referring to everything that your body is exposed to body care, home, cleaning and gardening care. Basically, chemicals. There are good chemicals and bad chemicals. While we don’t like to use big words, so often these products contain DNA mutators, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens that can harm your DNA.  

On, we have carefully curated all of our products in order to ensure that everything is free of all of these big words! Download our free DO NOT TOUCH list.

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