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eBook | EVERYDAY MDL: Recipes for the Methylation Diet & Lifestyle Program for Optimal Genetic Expression


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This recipe book builds on the 'Methylation Diet and Lifestyle eBook' by Dr Kara Fitzgerald. 

Dr Kara Fitzgerald is a world leader in the field of methylation and runs a Functional Medicine practice in the USA that focuses on issues related to methylation.

What is methylation?

Methylation is a fundamental process that happens in every cell in our bodies all of the time. It’s used for so many core processes including making and processing hormones and neurotransmitters, developing healthy immune cells, detoxification of exogenous ('from the outside') substances like environmental toxins and clearing histamine.

Methylation is also vital for healthy cellular renewal and is one of the most important ways that we can actually modify our genetic expression. The ability to turn individual genes ‘on’ or ‘off’ is determined by their methylation patterns.

That’s right – your genes are not your destiny! By modifying your diet and lifestyle, you can optimize gene expression to give you the best chance at a longer lifespan and longer ‘healthspan.’

The 'dance of methylation' extends far beyond just supplementing with B12 and some methylated folate. 

You can help prevent 'methyl donor drain' through personalised lifestyle interventions, including reducing the amount of total inflammation in your body, supporting your microbiome, choosing exercise, stress reduction and sufficient sleep, along with a careful dietary prescription that supports methyl donor reserve.

This well-rounded approach is a safer approach which allows the complex, homeodynamic process of methylation to take place.

Long-term outcome studies using this approach are lacking, and research suggests caution is advised with regard to imbalanced hypermethylation. However, much can be done to safely support methylation balance. This book is a great resource to use to start understanding methylation better. 

You might already know if you have genetic variations in your methylation pathways, such as an altered MTHFR gene (many of us do), because you have done a DNA test or perhaps you know that you have raised homocysteine levels. Perhaps you want to know how to eat for your genes and optimize your health overall.

Either way, this ebook and these recipes will be very useful for you!

What's in this ebook?

80+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, salads, and drinks that are abundant in methylation nutrients and methylation adaptogens that:
  • Optimise genetic expression
  • Promote healthy ageing
  • Improve methylation-related conditions
  • Support MTHFR gene mutations
  • Help lower homocysteine

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