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What your Doctor may NOT tell you about | Breast Cancer


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In this book, Dr. John Lee, an internationally renowned expert in natural hormones, teams up with breast cancer researcher Dr. David Zava to present a revolutionary hormone balance program to reduce your risk of breast cancer and help eliminate a recurrence if you already have the disease.


  • Learn about conventional HRT and ERT-how synthetic hormones may trigger cancer
  • How the current breast cancer drugs that may hurt as much as they help-and why doctors use them anyway
  • Risk factors for breast cancer-including the long-term dangers of birth control pills
  • The unsettling truth about mammograms and radiation therapy
  • The remarkably protective benefits of natural hormones
  • The potential dangers in our homes, our water, and food. With its revolutionary program featuring natural progesterone, this book offers a progressive approach to hormone balance that is both eye-opening and empowering

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