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Bowl Covers | Reusable


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Spaza designs functional everyday household items guided by environmental kindness and the upliftment of people. We LOVE these products for storing leftovers and for covering dishes when we entertain.


  • breathable, no sweating of leafy greens and condensation
  • allows cool in and warm out in the refrigerator
  • simple to use fits various shapes and sizes
  • plastic free, non-disposable, long lasting
  • machine washable, hang dry, no shrinking


  • Plastic-free living that protects the environment together with your DNA & biochemistry
  • Made by the women of Mannenburg in the Cape Flats. Challenging social conditions and gangsterism make Spaza's contribution incredibly valuable to the women

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XL |  33 -36 cm diameter for salad server and casserole dishes

L | 26 - 30 cm diameter ideal for salad and pasta bowls

M | 22 - 26 cm bowls and dishes

S | 15 - 22cm for dessert bowls and soup dishes

Jug covers | 15 cm maximum

Tiny tops | 9.5 cm for glasses 


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