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Bibo Bar | Water Filter


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Water filter | Instant Purifier | Kettle | Water Cooler

Welcome to the future of water

The BIBO Bar is the next generation in water purification and dispensing. With just a touch of a button, gain instant access to both ice cold and boiling hot water. The BIBO Bar is energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and incredibly stylish, making it the perfect addition to any home or office.


PLEASE NOTE: The prices quoted in this video are not available in South Africa. We have included this video just to give more info about the Bibo Bar.

Benefits | Features

  • Choose from 10 colour options
  • Filters and sterilises water
  • Preset your temperature and quantity choices
  • More efficient than a kettle as draws less electricity to boil water
  • Stores hot water in a flask so stays hot for longer
  • Child lock protection
  • Has a sleep mode to save power
  • 1 year warranty included in the price
  • 2 year extended warranty option
  • DIY or installtion support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping countrywide 
  • filters

    Get rid of the nasties in water such as chlorine, lead and more with BIBO’s multi-stage carbon filtration that leaves only the good minerals behind.


    Have peace of mind that your water is safe and bug-free at all times with BIBO’s unique ultraviolet (UV) purification system.


    Love the refreshing clean taste of instant chilled water at the touch of a button anytime you want, especially on hot days. 


    Enjoy the convenience of instant boiling water. No more time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil.


    Set temperatures, quantities and power saving modes to suit your unique tastes and needs.

    Healthy and safe

    The BIBO Bar provides pure, healthy and great tasting water, using the very latest in water filtration and purification. It’s healthy to drink and safe to touch with an added child lock protection, making it easier for the whole family to enjoy.

    The BIBO zapper purification system makes the water from the BIBO Bar completely clean, eliminating any need to sterilize water you put into your baby bottles.


    Bibo understands that we all prefer our beverages served differently which is why they ahve given you the option to set your temperature choice for both hot and cold drinks. 

    The BIBO Bar also allows you to pre-set your quantity choice, enabling you to decide just how much water to dispense. Bibo helps make your life easier! 



    The BIBO Bar is more energy efficient than a kettle and can be made even more so with the use of the available sleep modes.

    Using a BIBO Bar will also help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and by minimizing the use of plastic bottles. 

    Dr Heidi: "I bought a crate of glass 750ml bottles from Consol Glass. I fill all of them up in one go and rotate them between my car, office and home. This way, I know that my filtered water is not gaining xenoestrogens from plastic bottles, plus I'm not contributing landfill with plastic bottles". 

    BIBO Bar | Home


    Completely pure, healthy and great tasting, BIBO Bar uses the latest technology in water filtration and purification, leaving all the essential minerals in your water.


    Avoid paying extra, reloading and storing drums full of filtered water as the BIBO Bar plumbs directly into your mains.

    Instant boiling and chilled

    You and your family will drink more, as it’s easy, fun, dispenses at your pre-set temperature of choice and is perfectly safe for children.

    Energy efficient

    More energy efficient than a kettle and one can also make use of the sleep modes available.


    Help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and minimize the use of plastic bottles.

      BIBO Bar | Office

      Increased productivity 

      Less time spent by staff in the kitchen.

      Avoid paying extra

      Bottle your own water at your office and avoid paying extra for drums full of filtered water or having to replace burnt out urns.


      Position your BIBO Bar anywhere in your office. It doesn’t have to be near a water source.

      Energy efficient

      Save electricity with the BIBO Bar by cutting down on re-boiling the same water many times per day.


      Help save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing the use of plastic bottles.

      Water conservation

      The BIBO Bar won’t let you waste a single drop of water.

        BIBO Bar | Baby


        The water from your BIBO Bar is completely pure, enhanced by the BIBO Zapper purification system that makes it extremely healthy for you and your baby

        Pre-set temperatures

        Set the temperature of choice that you require for you and your baby with the touch of a button.

        Pre-set quantities

        Set your quantity of choice.


        No more waiting for the water to boil and cool down.


        With the child lock option, your BIBO Bar is perfectly safe for children.

          FAQ | How much pure water will the BIBO Bar give me?

          Your BIBO Bar plumbs into your mains water so it will provide unlimited filtered and purified water.

          It will produce 15 litres of boiling water and 5 litres of chilled water per hour and recharges quickly when either tank is emptied.

          Boiling water

          The BIBO Bar will produce around 4 mugs of boiling water instantly. Thereafter, one would have to wait a minute for the next load of water to reboil before being able to dispense another 3-4 mugs of boiling water.

          Chilled water

          The BIBO Bar will produce 1.5 litres instantly. Thereafter, it takes a couple of minutes to get the next 1.5 litres chilled.

          FAQ | How good is the filtration and what does the BIBO Bar filter out?

          The BIBO Bar uses the latest technology in water filtration: Multistage carbon filtration in combination with the BIBO Zapper purification system. The Multistage carbon filter removes arsenic, chloride and other such substances.  

          The BIBO Zapper kills all bacteria and pathogens living in the water. What's great is that the BIBO Bar will leave all the good minerals in your water!

          Watermark, one of the worlds leading certification bodies, has shown this is their testing of Bibo Bar filters.

          FAQ | How often will I need to change filters?

          The BIBO Bar multistage carbon block filter needs to be replaced every 6 months and the BIBO Zapper every year.

          If you sign up for their filters@home package, they'll track your BIBO Bar’s filter needs and send you filters as and when you need them.

          FAQ | Is the water really boiling?

          Yes, it is!

          FAQ | Does the BIBO bar use a lot of electricity?

          BIBO Bar uses less electricity than a kettle. BIBO Bar’s hot tank is like a flask. Once boiled it retains the heat for a much longer period. A kettle loses the heat quickly and thus needs to be reboiled after 10 minutes. This is not the case with a BIBO Bar. Also, most people will fill half the kettle for 1 cup of tea or coffee. The BIBO Bar only boils exactly what you use, has sleep modes and will go into standby mode when not used.

          FAQ | How chilled does the water get?

          You can choose how chilled you want your water to be. BIBO Bar can be set anywhere between 4-16 degrees Celsius. 4 degrees is frigid and 16 degrees is almost the temperature coming out of your cold water tap.

          FAQ | What child safety features does the BIBO Bar have?

          The BIBO Bar comes standard with a safety lock. There is an additional lock that requires a sequence of buttons to be pressed on BIBO Bar’s touchscreen. If this is not completed correctly then the BIBO Bar will not dispense boiling water at all.

          FAQ | Can I install myself?

          Sure you can. The BIBO Bar comes with all the valves needed. It also comes with a step by step self-installation guide. You are also welcome to call one of their engineers who will be happy to talk you through the installation on the phone.

          FAQ | I have granite, marble or Cesar stone countertops. Is this a problem?

          No, not at all. All Bibo engineers are highly trained to deal with these types of stone countertops. We use specialized diamond tools coupled with advanced water technology. This prevents any dust in your home or office.

          FAQ | Does the BIBO bar need to be installed close to water?

          No, it does not. Bibo can arrange to install your BIBO Bar anywhere (as long as there are water pipes in the vicinity). Leave it up to them to make it work and look great. You won’t see pipe or fitting.




          • Power: 1700W
          • Voltage: 230V
          • Dimensions: W 30cm x D 35cm x H 33cm
          • Cup height: 23cm from countertop to water bar nozzle


          1-year warranty

          The Bibo Bar comes with an inclusive 1-year warranty.

          2-year extended warranty

          You have the option of buying an extended warranty period of 2 years.


            • Your BIBO Bar comes with all the valves, fittings and a three-meter-long pipe that is needed for the installation
            • Very little plumbing experience is needed but if you feel uncomfortable installing your BIBO bar yourself, your local plumber would be more than adequate to do the job
            • Bibo provides you with a very useful infographic, which explains step by step how to install your BIBO bar
            • Bibo also has staff on standby that would gladly talk you through the installation and setup of your BIBO bar
            Bibo Installers
            • Bibo can install in Gauteng, the greater Cape Town region and East London
            • Once installed, the BIBO Bar installer will customize your BIBO Bar setup to your specific requirements
            • The installer will then train you on how to best use your BIBO bar
            • Bibo installers are highly trained and have years of experience
            • We know you hate seeing pipes! Bibo installers are passionate about hiding them, making your BIBO bar sleek and stylish to look at.
            Gold star service
            • When you buy a BIBO you're royalty. They'll stop at nothing to make sure you're happy with your BIBO product.


            Due to the size of this product, your Bibo Bar will be shipped directly from Bibo.

            Bibo support

            Call for free

            0800 00 BIBO (2426)

            Their friendly call centre is open Monday to Friday as well as Saturdays.



            report a fault

            In the unlikely event of your BIBO product develops a fault, please refer to your instruction manual. If the fault persists please call Bibo on:

            0800 00 BIBO (2426)

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