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Balance Board


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Do you live a sedentary lifestyle? The Adjustable, 40cm, Balance Board is designed to get you moving, strengthening your core muscles and balancing your body needs while you stand and work


  • Improved balance, proprioception, coordination and core stability
  • Increased heart rate which burns more calories compared to sitting at a desk
  • Great addition to moving while you stand at your existing standing desk
  • Fun, wobble motion is better for your core than standing still in a single place
  • Two degrees of difficulty using different height adjustment discs
  • Great for knee, ankle and hip stability
  • Soft but durable carpeted surface allows for extra grip and is easy on the feet

"We love the balance board to help us combat hours of sitting still in front of our computers. The latest research has stressed the importance of microcirculation during the day – sitting without standing for 1 minute each hour inhibits microcirculation. Microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels. This contrasts with macrocirculation, which is the circulation of blood to and from the organs. The microcirculation is composed of terminal arterioles, capillaries, and venules that drain capillary blood. Microcirculation is the link between blood and a single cell. By this link, tissue and single cells are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. A better supply of blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients to a cell means that the cell functions better".

Dr Heidi & Margie 

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  • Weight: 2kg's
  • 40cm diameter

Use | Tips

  • The balance board is not a toy, it is designed to be used as an additional movement/balancing apparatus while standing
  • We recommend using the balance board for less than 2 hours per day
  • The 40cm Balance Board may be used to regain a sense of balance after an injury or to prevent further injury by accelerating recovery time
  • The ability to extend the height of the board enables the user to gradually increase the 'balance' of the board, building confidence and the ability to take on more challenging exercises and movements

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