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This knowledge is very empowering: we actually have the power to change our genome's expression by changing the molecules it is exposed to! Everything in our body is communicated via molecules; the food we eat, the environmental chemicals we expose our body to, the lifestyle we lead...even our emotions! By changing the expression of our genome, we can turn health and disease on or off. By making more personalised choices, you can literally “turn off” your predisposition to developing certain chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and many cancers.

 In 2011, I did the DNAHealth, DNAEstrogen, DNADiet  and DNASport tests. I could see that I had genetic misspellings for the enzymes that were involved in my liver's metabolism of estrogen, as well as for oxidative stress and inflammation. All the tiny nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices that I'd made leading before my cancer diagnosis, had “turned-on” my predisposition for an estrogen-positive cancer. 

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