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What kind of stress do you have?

We all have our share of stress but all us respond differently. Are you stressed & wired? Stressed & tired? Stress & inflamed? Below, you'll find our stress quizzes and products to help you manage your stress better.

5 Common Signs of Stress.

Stress can take a toll on your health and you may not even realise it. Even small amounts of stress over time can build up to big health problems if left unchecked.

Here are some signs of stress to look out for:

1) You’ve put on some “extra” belly fat

2) You eat when you’re nervous, sad, or mad

3) You feel overwhelmed by simple, everyday tasks

4) You worry about things, big and small

5) You feel tired, fatigued and weak for no apparent reason

What's your stress type?

Do one of our stress quizzes to determine what kind of stress you have or to measure your stress. This way, you can start to address it. Stress plays a huge role in 'turning on' many lifestyle-related chronic disease from a DNA level. Personalisation is where your journey towards optimal wellness starts.  

'Stress' can be quite a vague term so we've broken it down into the different types of stress:

- Occasionally stressed - this is normal stress but you might just need something to calm you if you feel anxious about an event etc.

- Stressed & wired - your stress hormone, cortisol, is pumping!

- Stressed & hot - you're cortisol is low and your body is becoming inflamed

- Stressed & worried - you feel anxious 

- Stressed & mentally-fatigued - can't concentrate | brain fogStressed & physically tired - exhausted most of the time

- Stressed & not sleeping well - stress has messed up your sleep/wake cycles

- Stressed & depressed - your mood is low 

Research shows that stress is a major risk factor for lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

- Dr Heidi & Margie

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