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SPORTS SHOP | Functional Medicine and genes

Some of us respond well to weight loss when we exercise, while others of us respond better to diet. Testing your DNA will indicate which one of these you are! Good to know.  

Having information on your unique genetic variations will also provide you with insights into your bone and muscle composition, your susceptibility to soft tissue injury, your endurance, and performance, recovery time, how much fuel you use during exercise and how much energy you need for exercise as well as your blood flow and respiration. This is truly amazing as this information will empower you to personalise how you prepare for exercise, how you cool down, what you eat and which types of exercise are best for you.

In Functional Medicine, exercise, and movement are viewed as essential to achieve and maintain optimal wellness. It's important for weight management, microcirculation, detox, hormonal balance, strength, balance and overall well being. It also helps improve your skin's firmness and your muscle tone.

Take our EXERCISE QUIZ to gauge how you doing! We'll send you some tips to get started too. 



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