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The science behind wellness.

We're more than just an online health shop. We provide you with tools to make better personalised nutrition, environment & lifestyle choices.

We enable you to order nutrigenomic and lifestyle-related DNA and biochemistry tests online. You can take results to your doctor or one of the practitioners listed in our 'Practitioners Circle'. 

This is what we mean by Personalised Scientific Wellness.


We've lived the 'gap in healthcare'. That space between being clinically well but still carrying the biomarkers of a chronically diseased body. JOINCIRCLES is about providing you with your scientific, medical data so that we can close that 'gap'".

- Dr. Heidi & Margie

“The technologies available now are ushering in a change in the way medicine is practiced, from reactive to proactive, from treating disease to creating and maintaining optimal health".

- Lars Steinmetz, PhD

What does it mean to be healthy? This is an important question for the numerous laboratories and hospitals worldwide who dedicate their lives to defeating disease. Thanks to breakthroughs in biotechnology, researchers are starting to develop a more thorough profile of health – and to realise how different it can be from person to person.

Understanding what health means at an individual, cellular, and systems level is the focus of personalised scientific wellness.


The aim is to promote health, wellness and personalisation by using the latest scientific methods. The DNA and biochemistry tests that you can order online here, provide you with the opportunity to explore the possible causes of your current symptoms and find out more about your genetic variations and disease potential.

Having information about your unique medical data gives you the ability to start personalising your nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices from your DNA and biochemistry up! This means that you have a more targeted plan to achieve optimal wellness.

“Physicians of the future will focus on keeping people well and preventing the transition into disease states, instead of focusing almost entirely on diagnosing and treating disease, as medicine is practiced today”.

- Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D

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