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As Dr Deanna Minich says “Food is information for our bodies.” What you eat feeds your DNA. Every time you eat, you send messages to your genes to change the way they express themselves. Every meal is a chance to alter your genetic expression, and turn off your potential for lifestyle-related chronic illnesses.

Knowing your DNA, helps you focus your health budget and make sure you take the right things that support your unique YOU.


Nutrigenomics: Eating according to your genetic variations.

- Dr. Heidi & Margie

Nutrition & Your DNA

Nutrition is one of the most important and controllable 'circles' that you can join around your DNA daily. SHOP NUTRITION
Your daily NUTRITION choices.

Your daily NUTRITION choices.

You may think of 'food' in terms of just 'calories' or 'fuel' but the latest research shows that food sends messages, good or bad, to our DNA every time we eat. Your food can change the way your DNA expresses itself. You have the choice to send our DNA love letters or hate mail! Every meal is a chance to 'turn-off' your potential for many lifestyle-related chronic diseases or 'turn on' optimal wellness. 

My daily food choices can either send my DNA love letters or hate mail. It's my choice.

- Dr. Heidi

Food is not calories; it's information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. One of the most powerful tools that you can use to change your health, environment and world, is on your fork.

- Dr. Mark Hyman

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