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Detox your makeup bag

I often get asked these two questions:

1) "Surely the amount of toxins in my makeup products is so tiny that it won't make any real difference to my health?"

2) "Where is the best place for me to start?"

The short answer is that the toxins in your makeup can build up in your body over time, have an estrogen-like effect, contribute to estrogen issues, cause endocrine disruption, oxidative stress which can cause DNA and cell damage, and even initiate certain cancers. So, your makeup bag is a great place to start 'cleaning up' what you expose your DNA to!


Knowledge makes you conscious. Once you start to read the ingredient labels on your makeup and know what to look out for, you've already taken the first step to protecting your DNA & biochemistry.

- Margie


Become a label reader.

All the makeup in our shop has been checked against our 'DO NOT TOUCH LIST' and aligned with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to give you peace of mind that they are all free from chemical ingredients and preservatives that can cause DNA mutations, endocrine disruption and cancer. 

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Having specific information about my genetic variations for detoxification became my 'WHY' for cleaning up my makeup bag.

- Margie

Xenoestrogen + Toxicity Tests | DNA

Making better makeup choices starts with knowing more about your genetic variations for detoxification. It's true - some people can detoxify toxins better than others. If you have genetic variations that make it difficult for you to metabolise toxins, then you should be making non-toxic makeup choices. This is what we mean by 'personalisation' - making daily environment choices that are best suited to your unique biochemistry.  

Xenoestrogens + Toxicity Tests | Biochemistry

These tests are excellent and accurate for determining your current levels of exposure to bisphenol (BPA), parabens and phthalates which are the most commonly used chemicals used in makeup.

If you look back along your personal health timeline and identify all the toxins that you've been exposed to up until now, then you'll begin to see the compounded nature of toxin exposure.

- Dr Heidi

Detoxification Supplements & Foods

If you've been using conventional makeup, it's important to provide additional nutritional support for the detoxification of the chemicals that you have exposed your DNA and biochemistry too.

The Clean Makeup Bag

We've curated the finest, non-toxic makeup. Start swapping out your toxic products for cleaner ones. We believe that women should look and feel their best without the toxicity. These products are of the highest-quality - some have been awarded the Marie Claire Prix d' Excellence awards. Most importantly, they are all free from chemical ingredients and preservatives that can cause DNA mutations, endocrine disruption and various cancers.

Makeup Accessories

Feel inspired! These are our favourite organic and natural makeup accessories.

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