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The best place to start is to remove all gut stressors. A gut stressor is anything that causes stress, inflammation, and imbalance in your gut and, very possibly, intestinal permeability or 'leaky gut'. Stressors include foods to which you are sensitive, intolerant, or allergic; 
imbalances between beneficial and harmful gut bacteria; the presence of harmful gut bacteria, yeasts, and fungi; gut infections and ongoing infections (even if they are elsewhere in your body); raised general inflammation in your body; medications; recreational drugs including alcohol and smoking; environmental toxins; toxic heavy metals; stress; and a lack of sleep.

For around 3 months, or until your gut heals, you may need to remove all the main food allergens from your diet; stop alcohol, smoking and other recreational drugs; stop taking or swap certain medications (only under the guidance of your doctor); treat harmful gut bacteria, parasites and yeasts; treat any ongoing infections elsewhere in your body; remove exposure to environmental toxins; remove dental fillings that contain mercury; remove any other sources of heavy metal exposure; manage your stress; improve your sleep habits; and exercise to encourage sluggish bowels to move.

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