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 "I feel overwhelmed with all this new health information" and "I really don't know how to get started". These are the two statements that I hear often! I completely understand 'why' so many of us feel this way when it comes to our health. I believe that it starts with what and how we have been taught to look at our health. I also believe that our health is something that we take for granted because, for many of us, it has always just been there! As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, it's become my passion to help you pull together all 'the circles' in your health journey so that you can feel optimal, prevent lifestyle-related chronic disease and fulfill your dreams.



Wellness is personal. This means that it's up to YOU.

- Margie

What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching

What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Functional Medicine looks at the whole body and all its systems. Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach that places the patient in the center of their health choices. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century as well as providing a solution to lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

It looks at all your nutrition, environment & lifestyle choices as a foundation to your health and how these choices impact on your DNA and biochemistry.

Functional medicine health coaching is client-centered, meaning that the focus is on your needs and goals before anything else. Often people experience a gap between what they know they need to do to be healthy and actually doing it. You're not alone! Many people struggle with making significant changes to their diet and lifestyle.

How it works

Health coaching is YOUR journey. Central to how I work is about empowering you and providing you with an opportunity to make the changes that you need to make to be healthier.

My role is to provide you with access to the tools that you will need to achieve this.

Typically, this is how the process looks:

  1. We enter into a 'contract' where we agree on the boundaries, confidentiality, and scope of practice
  2. We start with the VIA character strengths and Wellness Wheel 360
  3. We set up a Foundation Session where we will discuss your goals, your practitioner's diagnosis, your DNA results etc - my goal is to help you to "fill the gap" between what you now know and putting that into action.

 I am available to coach via Skype, Zoom or at my practice.

Functional Medicine Wellness Coaching


Book online to start your journey. 

I can help you to review your Functional Medicine Timeline, integrate your DNA results, fine-tune your protocol, set SMART goals, work towards your strengths, understand your diagnosis, assess your readiness to change, help you to get started and provide your access to resources to help you achieve your goals. 



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