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We always advise that you eat a healthy, balanced diet that contains all the micronutrients your body needs. But if various circumstances prevent you from eating this kind of diet, a multivitamin and multimineral can fill the gaps. Maintaining optimal nutrient reserves can help your body function optimally now plus ‘pay it forward’ for a time in the near future when you might have a period of intense stress or other, and your body uses more nutrients than usual. A multivitamin is like an insurance policy; a daily guarantee to ensure that your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to never run into the red.

Metagenics Wellness Essential packs contain a multivitamin, multimineral, phytomulti, omega 3 oil and relevant other supplements per pack. Solal’s multivitamin packs are good value and well-priced. They contain a multivitamin, multimineral, omega 3 fish oil, 1-2 key green foods, 3 key phytonutrients, and an adaptogen.

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