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Your WHY's for wanting to be optimally healthy will be unique - just like your DNA and biochemistry.

As a society, we have the ingrained belief that we only need to do something when we are already ill. We go to the doctor, we take a pill, we make ourselves feel better. When we find out we have cancer, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s, we mostly deal with the symptoms, not the cause. 

Complete this short quiz to help you to start thinking about your 'WHY'. Once completed, we'll make contact with you to help you on your way.

You may be wondering: “How do I find my WHY? for optimal health and disease prevention?”.

- Dr. Heidi & Margie

Connecting with your ‘WHY’ is a great starting point for the personalisation of your health. Yours may be driven from witnessing a friend or family member pass away from an illness; it may be that you want to be fit and mobile in our twilight years or based on wanting to enjoy mental alertness and stamina. Whatever it is, once you have defined this for yourself. Our WHY came from the fact that we had cancer, but your WHY could come from a place of simply wanting to have a better quality of life. 

What's your WHY?

We believe, that in order for you to succeed, it's important for you to understand  your personal motivations for optimal wellness - in other words your personal health 'why's'.

Your why is deeply personal and as unique as your DNA. They're your motivation to start taking action. You may have watched a friend or family member suffer, or pass away, from a chronic lifestyle-related disease and want to avoid that, or you may want to live pain-free, full of energy, with optimism and optimal brain functioning until your last breath!

"We believe that by having information on specific genes is the best way to start refining your ‘WHY’ and begin personalising your health choices. We call it ‘starting from your DNA up".

- Dr. Heidi & Margie

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