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My dad had passed away a few months before my diagnosis and I had taken up drinking. I only drank socially but when I drank, I drank to get drunk. I was incredibly sad and I was trying to cheer myself up. Heidi was concerned about the risks of alcohol causing breast cancer because my risk for breast cancer had increased after my ovarian cancer. She tried to get me change but I don't like change. Then, for my birthday, Heidi gave me a DNA test. It was a strange gift and I wasn't really excited by it. Heidi ignored my protesting, swabbed my cheek and submitted my sample!

I still clearly remember the moment I opened my DNA report: I too had wonky estrogen detox genes! I called Heidi immediately, half crying, and said: "Until now, I've believed that my body had let me down but actually I've let my body down with all the choices I've made." All of a sudden it became personal. I was ready to change. Suddenly surgery seemed like the easy part. The hard part was going to be making better nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices all day, every day!

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