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The scientific reality is that 90 percent of the signs of ageing and disease is caused by lifestyle choices, not your genes. In other words, you have the capability to overcome and transform your genetic history and tendencies. Harvard/MIT-trained physician Sara Gottfried, M.D. has created a revolutionary 7-week programme that empowers us to make the critical choices necessary to not just look young, but also feel young. Dr Gottfried identifies and builds this book around the five key factors that lead to accelerated ageing: the muscle factor, the brain factor, the hormone factor, the gut factor, and the toxic fat factor. The 7-week program addresses these factors and treats them in an accessible and highly practical protocol. Dr Gottfried's programme makes it possible to change the way you age, stay younger longer, and remain healthy and vibrant for all of your days.

About the author

Dr Sara Gottfried is a wife, mother to two incredible young women (ages 13 and 18), friend, scholar, seeker, yoga teacher, Harvard-educated MD with 25+ years of experience, board-certified gynecologist, and author of three New York Times bestselling books, The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet.

In her thirties, Sara worked at McMedicine. She saw 30 patients per day. She was stressed to the max and had all the signs of physician burnout, though she didn’t know it. She suffered from what she called the 4 “F’s” – frazzled, frumpy, fat, and you can imagine the fourth “F.” She was burning the candle at both ends, in couple’s therapy, overweight, and suffered from premenstrual syndrome. Her telomeres showed that she was ageing 20 years faster than my biological age. She went to her doctor and he offered Prozac and birth control pills, but that just didn’t feel right.

She decided to apply my medical training to herself, and discovered that her cortisol level was three times normal (something my traditional doctors told her wasn’t a big deal) and it was leading to other downstream health consequences like blood sugar problems, moodiness, and fight-fight-freeze. Within one month, she had fixed the root cause and felt significantly better. She took on her low thyroid next, and then my bad estrogens. She ate differently, exercised less, and took 3 supplements. She lost 25 pounds and graduated from couple’s therapy. She was on to something!

The solution to her problems became the Gottfried Protocol, and it has worked gloriously well on the 25,000+ people over the past 15 years of practising integrative and functional medicine.

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