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The Mito Food Plan may be described as an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic, gluten-free, low-grain, high-quality- fats approach to eating. The plan focuses on supporting healthy mitochondria through the use of therapeutic foods that improve energy production. Mitochondria are structures in every cell that make energy by using oxygen and nutrients from food.The cells in the brain, heart, nerves, muscles, and organs all have higher concentrations of mitochondria. These parts of the body are also more susceptible to a premature decline in function caused by a host of common insults. Harmful food choices can contribute to this decline, leading to poor health and chronic illness.


  • The Mito Food Plan will support the body in the production of energy, restore a sense of vitality, and help the body use food to support a graceful and healthy aging process
  • The Mito food list can assist in preventing the development of chronic neurological disease by helping people to choose specific c foods that enhance mitochondrial function
  • Healthy mitochondria are pivotal for cellular survival, overall vitality, and graceful ageing
  • Simply stated, the Mito Food Plan uses food for optimal energy while preventing accelerated aging in our most susceptible tissues.
  • Research has shown that diet and lifestyle interventions can be helpful in providing support for healthy mitochondria.
  • When the mitochondria are working well, they help to reduce fatigue, pain, and cognitive problems while supporting muscle mass and burning excess fat. Which means that a person feels better, thinks more clearly, and has less aches and sti ness, all while improving body composition
  • Research shows that eating certain foods can reduce the production of free radicals—molecules that break up bonds between other molecules in a process called oxidative stress. At the same time, cellular energy production is fueled when a person is eating nutrient-dense, high- quality foods. It is also important to consider how much to eat, how often to eat, and how to cook food
  • Research shows that calorie and carbohydrate restriction, along with eating lean, clean (pesticide and toxin-free) proteins, high-quality fats and oils, and more plant foods may help to prevent or slow down a neurological disease
  • Thus, the plan’s focus is on consumption of the right quantity of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to ensure fat burning, muscle enhancement, and healthy blood sugar balance


  • Includes 12 therapeutic nutrients
  • An excellent diet for those who suffer from inflammation

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