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FUT2 is an important genetic factor influencing microbial diversity in the colonic mucosa. 

FUT2 is involved in the formation of an immune complex known as the H antigen. FUT2 forms a sugar-polymer known as oligosaccharide. Oligosaccharides become food for gut flora. FUT2 regulates the expression of certain “blood-group antigens”, and as such directly influence bowel flora concentrations. Approximately 20% of the population have FUT2 gene mutations.

Carriers of the FUT2 (fucosyltransferase 2) genetic mutations have been shown to have lower concentrations of the gut microbe, bifidobacterium, as well as a greater predisposition towards Crohn’s Disease, inflammatory bowel disease and elevated serum concentrations of Vitamin B-12. Interestingly, these FUT2 “non-secretors” appear to have a greater resistance towards certain pathogenic infections such as H Pylori, as well as protection against certain viruses.

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