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"JOINCIRCLES enables you to own your medical data. After buying a DNA test here, we’ll send out your DNA kit on the next working day. When your kit arrives, swab the inside of your cheek and call our courier to collect – follow the simple instructions in the kit. The lab will take around 14 working days to analyse your DNA, from the time they receive your DNA sample. When your results are ready, I'll email them directly to you. To get the full value from your results, we highly recommend that you contact a healthcare practitioner from our ‘Practitioner Circle’ to take you through your results. This will help you understand how and where to focus your efforts. They will also suggest the most relevant blood, blood spot and urine biochemistry tests that you can do going forward, to measure and track your risks and potentials based on your unique genetic variations. After your consult, you could book a wellness coaching appointment with Margie to get you started and keep you on track. Once you have your DNA, you can start shopping personalised nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices on This is how you start on your journey towards optimal wellness! Please contact me if you need help choosing the right test and/or practitioner for your needs". Dr Heidi |

Yes! Finally, a DNA test that focuses on men's health; and just in time for Christmas and year-end gift for that special man in your life.

Launching at the end of November, this test from Vitagen-X will focus on the genes involved in testosterone health as well as other important hormones involved in prostate, testicular and erectile function, fertility and cardiovascular health.
If you would like to pre-order this for your man, please email and we will pre-book it for you. 

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