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This gene encodes adiponectin, which is expressed in adipose (fat) tissue. It plays a role in the modulation of a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and fatty acid oxidation. 

This gene is expressed in adipose tissue exclusively. It encodes a protein that circulates in the plasma and is involved in metabolic and hormonal processes. Medium to high impact variations in this gene is associated with adiponectin deficiency. Adiponectin is a protein hormone which is involved in regulating glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown.

This SNP has been associated with many obesity-related traits including insulin resistance, weight, BMI, and waist: hip circumferences. The association between the −11391 G>A polymorphism and insulin resistance appears to be dependent on BMI, suggesting that the influence of this gene variant on glucose homeostasis may be dependent on body fatness. The A allele demonstrates the strongest association with higher adiponectin levels.



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