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Claudia Slattery

Claudia Slattery
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Natural Fertility Specialist

Teaching girls and women about the power that exists in their menstrual cycle is my thing!

Our menstrual cycle reveals everything about the health of our bodies. As a holistic reproductive health practitioner, I teach you how to work cooperatively with your menstrual cycle in order to: 

  • Not fall pregnant (as a means of natural birth control)
  • Help you fall pregnant
  • As an athlete, train and race according to your menstrual cycle

Simply start listening to what your body is telling you every day. Learning to chart your cycle will help you understand exactly how your body works. I show you how this information can be used constructively to improve your cycle, and how all of this impacts in a positive way on your future. I believe that what I teach you about your body, your health and your future are things that every woman has a right to know.

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A: Johannesburg, South Africa
T: 082 596 3147

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