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Why join us?

Why join us?
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Thanks to DNA Health, Estrogen, Diet & Sport testing, there has been a shift from doing what we are told is right for us, to doing what I know is right for me, based on my unique DNA.

Our experiences have taught us that we need to move along the wellness continuum towards personalisation.

When Heidi and I were struggling with estrogen-positive cancer, we realised that ultimately, each of us is at the centre of our health choices. That is, both the choices that we made before our diagnosis – and the choices we made after. 

Take detoxing, for example. After doing the DNA Health + Estrogen, I found out that my detox genes have variations or mutations that mean I don’t detox well. While that’s not a great thing to learn about your body, having this information is incredibly empowering and has helped me immensely when I’m faced with my daily choices.

From the moment I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed, there are myriad choices I can make to allow fewer toxins to enter my body. Take my morning routine, for example. I have counted that between showering, washing my hair and applying make-up, I use around 15 products. If every single one of these products contained chemical ingredients, my body would seriously battle to process all of those toxins. I now know that using non-toxic beauty products is a must for me, as it means I don’t put any pressure on my functional pathways. What’s more, after they’ve gone down the drain, they won’t harm the environment either, which is a huge bonus.

Dr Heidi has similar difficulties with detoxing, so she now knows that when she’s faced with her breakfast choice, she needs to eat 'clean' protein such as organic eggs, and loads of greens, such as a juice with kale and spinach. These nutrition choices provide active nutrients that help her to detox – a fact that she wouldn’t have known had she not tested her DNA.

These personal examples are important as they illustrate the daily application of epigenetics and personalisation.

The bottom line is that the more you know, the more informed your choices will be. If you want to find out more about your body’s ability to detox, click here to see the DNA tests on offer.

We see YOU at the centre of your circle and the centre of all of your health choices – and it’s important that you join all of the circles around you that support your WHY for optimal wellness.

JOINCIRCLES is about the integration of the choices available to you that help you connect with the support YOU need to make the right decisions with regard to nutrition, environment and lifestyle – based on your unique genetic requirements.   


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