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What's Gary's DNA story?

What's Gary's DNA story?
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Meeting Gary Jackson from Jackson's Real Food Stores got us do we help you to get your genes and your food choices closer together?

DNA testing is as an amazing tool to help you to personalise your health choices. However, what we have observed is that for many of us it's often too difficult to get started or we don't know 'how to' get started or 'how to' access better choices. If you're like us, then you want grocery shopping and menu choices to be easy and personalised from your DNA up!

It was this desire to make DNA testing applicable to everyday life that we joined forces with DNAlysis and Jackson's Real Food Stores. We thought it would be a good idea for Gary, the founder of Jackson's to start his own DNA journey so that he could walk the personalisation path together with his clients. 

So, we sat down with Gary to learn more about the man behind Jackson's Real Food Stores.

What is your is your WHY for optimal health?

my main 'why' is longevity, good mobility, and mental alertness. I want to optimise this God-given body.

What has been your biggest health lesson?

Your health starts and stops in the GUT! With good GUT health, the nutrients from your food and supplements can't be absorbed to nourish you.

Why did you start Jackson's?

I was so ill and by changing my eating lifestyle I regained my health without medication. My purpose is to assist many others to do the same. We don’t have to accept the opposite to wellness, there is a way out and forward. We want to help each person personalise their health journey.

How has learning more about your genotype helped you with your everyday choices?

I now know what will hinder my health and what will help my health, its much clearer to me now.

When you got your DNA results back, what was the most interesting result?

Focusing even more on maintaining my GUT health and inner lining of my intestines. Virtually drop all sugar, all refined/bad carbs and I eat even more leafy greens, red fruit and veg to better support the genetic variations on the key inflammation genes.

How have you applied this to your shops? 

Well, this collaboration with JOINCIRCLES means that Jackson's customers can get a specific DNA test done that will give them more insight into what their individual body needs more of and less of. This includes foods and supplements. We've embraced food personalisation by adding key icons to our menu so that our customers can choose foods that provide optimal support to their unique bodies. These include menu choices for inflammation, detox, methylation and oxidative stress. Food truly is information to our DNA!

If you would like to live in the know and write your own DNA story, visit The Jackson's Panel.


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