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What is Epigenetics?

What is Epigenetics?
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We are standing at the start of a medical revolution. It began with the decoding of the human genome is 2003. We're at such an exciting point in history, where

science and technology are enabling us more than ever to move beyond: "This is good for us." and towards "This good for me". It's called 'personalisation'. At last, we are able to personalise our healthcare and take into account our biochemical individuality.

We are moving from an era of “is this good for us” to “is this good for me”.

Personalisation starts with our DNA - our genetic code. Our full genetic code is called the 'genome' and it can be found it every cell in our body. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I did a lot of research into how I could've developed cancer. 'Epigenetics' finally provided me with many of the answers.

'Epi' means 'above'. The 'epigenome' sits above (around/outside) the genome. The epigenome is made up of various molecules that attach to the outside of the genome like little 'tags’. These tags can change the messages our genome is sent and this way change how our genome expresses itself.

Epigenetics is the study of the biological mechanisms that can switch genes on and off.  Epigenetics is radically transforming the rigid concept of “My DNA is my destiny” and is showing us that our DNA is not actually our destiny. You have more power/control than you previously thought to sculpt your health!

This knowledge is very empowering: we actually have the power to change our genome's expression by changing the molecules it is exposed to! Everything in our body is communicated via molecules; the food we eat, the environmental chemicals we expose our body to, the lifestyle we lead...even our emotions! By changing the expression of our genome, we can turn health and disease on or off. By making more personalised choices, you can literally “turn off” your predisposition to developing certain chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and many cancers.

In 2013, I did DNAHealth, DNAEstrogen, DNADiet and DNASport test. I could see very clearly that I had genetic misspellings for the enzymes that were involved in my liver's metabolism of estrogen, as well as for oxidative stress and inflammation. All the tiny nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices that I had made in my life up until my cancer diagnosis, had “turned-on” my predisposition for estrogen-positive cancer.

When I got cancer, I asked myself how could my body let me down. When I received my test results, I knew that I had let my body down.

My journey toward optimal health became much easier when I understood epigenetics. My nutrition, environment, and lifestyle (NEL) choices became more personalised and proactive because they are based on my unique DNA and my biochemistry. I was able to create a personalised supplement, diet, environment and lifestyle protocol based on my test results. I consider my DNA and biochemistry info when I make even the tiniest choice: "Should I use this shampoo? Should I not exercise today? What kind of anti-oxidants do I need? Do need magnesium? Should I go to a smokey nightclub to watch my husband DJ?" 

The first step in harnessing the power of epigenetics is to delve into your uniqueness and understand key areas of your genetic code. You can do this by doing the relevant DNA and real-time biomarker tests. The genes our tests look at, only show your potential for biochemical imbalances. These are places in your genome that you can expect to find imbalances if you don't make the correct NEL choices for you.

 Personalising my optimal wellness and disease prevention starts from my DNA up.

Real-time biomarkers show whether your DNA potential is actually manifesting in real-time due to your NEL choices. By measuring and tracking small changes in your biochemistry, you can address imbalances long before they 'fruit' into serious imbalances and possible chronic diseases. This is true prevention.

Once you have your DNA and real-time biomarker results, you can start taking personalised action. You can start making NEL choices that support your uniqueness. We've made it easy for you by providing everything you need at We've curated a shop of products that don't contain known DNA mutators, xenohormones, xenoestrogens, or carcinogens. We've based our criteria on the well-researched database.

By making the right, personalised nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices you can support your best self.

Epigenetics can help you to reimagine your future and create a personalised, integrated, innovative approach to your health. Understanding your DNA and real-time biomarkers will help you make the right nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices to support your best self.

If you have any questions, please contact me. We are here to support you on your journey.   

Dr Heidi

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