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Fast Food | How to create the ultimate smoothie

Fast Food | How to create the ultimate smoothie
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We often get asked: 

"What do you put in your smoothie?"

The bottom line is, your smoothie should be a convenient, quick meal that gives you the maximum nutrition to feed your DNA. You should be able to supplement a meal with a smoothie if you are running late and don't have the time to prepare a full meal. We think of our smoothies as our 'fast-food'.

When it comes to what to put into your smoothie, everyone's should be different, based on their unique genetic variations and biochemistry.  But, if you haven't started personalising your nutrition choices yet, we have some basic tips to get you started.

Firstly, invest in a good-quality blender like a Vitamix. The aim is to ensure that not too much heat is generated from the blades of your blender, as this can cause damage to the enzymes in your fresh ingredients.

Then, as a base, everybody’s smoothies should contain the following:

  1. Protein: This can come from animal or plant sources, and some examples are whey, egg white, hemp or pea powder.
  2. Carbs: Fruit, veg or grains are a great option here. Think frozen berries, bananas or oats. This is where you should get your phytochemicals in, with richly coloured fruit, or green leaves.
  3. Fats: We usually use oils, such as flaxseed oil or MCT oil. Remember that your oil should be more omega 3 rich than omega 6.


Add-ins and boosters are how you personalise your smoothie. For example, if you want to lose weight or detox, you’ll use a different add-in. Metagenics makes a great range of medical food shakes, which tackle a variety of specific health concerns, such as inflammation, methylation, weight management and cholesterol. These are convenient and effective add-ins to your smoothies.

Because we know our biochemistry, we have very specific ingredients in our smoothies, and we thought it would be interesting for you to see our different recipes. Once you know your health concerns, you can get creative and throw in anything you think will work.

Dr Heidi’s smoothie recipe

  • Protein: Medical food shake: 'Metagenics | UltraClear Renew' or Absolute Organix's 'Super Smoothie Essentials powder' - i alternate either the whey and the vegan version. 
  • Carbs: I use a selection of organic fruit and vegetables. If I can’t find organic, I make sure to peel them. I always include kale leaves, as they are great for metabolising estrogen.
  • Fats: 2 TBS ground flaxseed as well as Brazil nuts as they are high in selenium, which helps me detox.
  • Probiotics: I use Kombucha vinegar, which boosts populations of beneficial gut bacteria, helping ensure estrogen leaves my body safely bound and on time.
  • Water: I always filtered water - I prefer reserve osmosis water because it removes the hormones from the water.

My genetics say I must use low-GI ingredients, so I make sure not to add honey, and to only use low-fat ingredients.


Margie’s smoothie recipe

  • Protein: LifeMatrix Dairy or Vegan Protein Powder
  • Carbs: I just chop up anything I find in our fruit and vegetable basket. However, because I know that I don't methylate optimally I always add spinach, kale and dark green leafy vegetables. This is also an important source of fibre!
  • Fats: I use Absolute Organix liquid oils, which provide optimal antioxidant nutrition.
  • Medical food shake: Metagenics UltraMeal CardioMetabolic medical food shake
  • Fermented Food: I add the Beet Kvass from The Cultured Whey into my smoothie to feed my gut. 
  • Probiotics: I use the Metagenics UltrFlora Synergy powder.
  • Vitamin D drops: these are great to add into your smoothie to ensure that you are maintaining the correct vitamin D levels in your body (between 70 -100 is the optimal range). I use Metagenics Vitamin D3 liquid.
  • Iodine drops: I add a few drops of Lugol's to provide optimal nutritional support to my thyroid gland.
  • Water: I add water to achieve a liquid consistency and for hydration. Make sure that you use filtered or reverse osmosis water.
  • Dairy (optional)
  • Raw honey (optional)
  • Cold-pressed juice (optional)


We hope that this inspires you to make a great nutrigenomic smoothie meals to feed your DNA!   

To your optimal wellness,

D.r Heidi & Margie 


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