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The principles of Functional Medicine | Treating the system, rather than the symptoms

The principles of Functional Medicine | Treating the system, rather than the symptoms
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You may have heard the buzzwords, Functional Medicine, floating around – but what does this term actually mean?

Functional Medicine is an increasingly popular field of healthcare that aims to address the root causes of disease, rather than simply treating symptoms as they occur.  

Below are some of the key principles of Functional Medicine:

A bigger picture

One of the most important elements of Functional Medicine is that it sees the body as one integrated system. So, rather than focusing on just the one area that is giving you issues, your healthcare practitioner will take a holistic view of your entire body.

Everybody is unique

In Functional Medicine, the patient is more important than the disease. Your practitioner will spend a lot of time with you, listening to your patient history, and taking into account everything from your genetic make-up to your lifestyle. It is a targeted and personalised approach to healthcare, that recognises each individual is unique, and therefore requires a unique treatment plan.

Integrating treatments

Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach to treatment and focuses on prevention rather than cure. Your practitioner will use the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques, and then, using results from these tests, will prescribe a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This could be a combination of drugs, supplements, holistic therapies, detoxification programmes, stress-management techniques, and a tailored programme involving nutrition, diet, and exercise.

Trusting your body

Functional Medicine acknowledges that your body is intelligent and has the capacity to self-regulate and heal. The key is keeping all your systems in balance.

Finding the why

Functional medicine is not about treating a specific symptom, but about identifying the root cause of the imbalances that created those symptoms. Functional medicine, therefore, focuses on the ‘why?’. Why is this symptom occurring? When you know 'the why', you can treat the root cause.

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