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Help someone become healthier

Help someone become healthier
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As the Christmas lights go up in the shopping centers and you start to plan teachers' gifts, you may be stumped as to what to give!

We love the idea of giving the gift of wellness. Nothing says you care or stands out more as a thoughtful gift when it has a little story behind it. The story behind our GIFT SHOP is that each item has been chosen because it adds to a person's well being. 

This new trend in gift-giving - it's less about the 'stuff' and more about starting someone on a new health journey or to keep them going with their health goals.

We've done the groundwork for you and the result is a curated gift shop that includes DNA and biochemistry tests, nutrition and supplements, non-toxic beauty and home, and lifestyle products - there's something for everyone!

A DNA test is the ultimate experience gift and the best part is that is a gift for life! This gift provides your loved one with information into their uniqueness and will empower them to make personalised health choices. It's the perfect roadmap to kick-starting a health journey!



Our bookshop has been hand-picked by us to provide you with the latest Functional Medicine, genomic, nutrition, environment and lifestyle information.

If you wish your loved one would eat better, or stress less; we have an excellent range of nutrition, hydration, and supplements to squeeze into their Christmas stocking.




We also have the most beautiful range of chemical-free beauty products to chose from to help keep your loved one's makeup bag or bathroom shelf chemical free. This helps to protect the environment too!



Our lifestyle shop has some of our favourite gifts for work and home. Choose from our range of desk stands and other options to keep moving.

If you really have no idea what to get as a gift, why not give a GIFT CARD option so that your special one can choose their own items.






We've something for the weekend warriors, the stress-out teacher, your wanna-be celebrity chef.

When you order, just let's fill out your personal message and we'll gift wrap it and send it to you to give to them or we can deliver it directly to them.

Happy shopping! 

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