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The detox lessons that we learnt the hard way

The detox lessons that we learnt the hard way
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We wish that had known more about this during our very toxic 20s! We ate junk food, studied & partied-hard, used toxic products & did no exercise. We were trading on our youth. We also didn't know our genetic weaknesses. We needed to look deeper but didn't have the tools.

After our respective estrogen-positive cancer diagnoses, we did the DNA HEALTH + ESTROGEN test. It revealed that we both have high impact genetic variations in our detox genes. This means that we need to make better choices as to 'what' we put into our bodies and 'how' we get rid of toxins.

Here is a great diagram explaining in detail the specific nutrients required for optimal detox. Each of these nutrients provides support to the detox genes. 

The detox phases

Your daily nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices play a BIG role in all the phases of detox. If you already know your genetic variations for the key detox genes, then you'll know where you have to personalise and support your detox pathways. If you don't know your specific genetic variation for these genes, then you can still make better, more general choices to support and protect your detox pathways.

Here's a quick reminder of 'how' the liver detox process works:
Phase 1: 
Phase 1 liver detox breaks toxins down into smaller substances. Think of this process like 'SUBTRACTION'. This process is similar to digestion in your GUT; your food is broken down into smaller substances. 

The phase 1 detox gene that we test in our DNA | Health test is CYP1A1.

Phase 2:
Phase 2 of liver detox is the 'ADDITION' phase. Here, substances such as the amino acids glycine, taurine, glutathione, sulphate and methyl groups are added to the highly reactive oxidants made in phase 1 to neutralise them. Imagine a toxin being packaged so that it can't do any more harm. Neutralised toxins can now leave your body in a safe form that can't damage your surrounding cells.

The phase 2 detox genes that we test for in our DNA | Health test are GSTM1GSTP1, GSTT1 and NQ01.

When looking at phase 1, 2  and 3 liver detox pathways, it's a good idea to think about the process in the following steps:

  1. Toxins in - what are my toxic exposures? Are my choices of beauty and household products adding to my toxic burden? Am I eating highly processed foods with many additives and preservatives?
  2. Phase 1 Support - Are my daily food choices providing optimal support to this phase?
  3. Phase 1 Protection - Am I eating the right nutrients for phase 1 protection?
  4. Phase 2 Support - Is my diet helping my phase 2 detox processes?
  5. Toxins Out - Am I making choices to 'get the toxins out such as daily exercise and movement, regular bowel movements?

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