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Summer bodies are made in winter!

Summer bodies are made in winter!
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We've all heard the saying, "summer bodies are made in winter" but what does this really mean?

It may mean crash dieting on the latest fad diet, an intense exercise programme, with a personal trainer or a visit to the salon for a slimming treatment. No judgement - we've been there! You may have lost weight this way, but felt exhausted, paid a fortune and not seen the results that you wanted. The worst part is when your friend or partner loses and you don't!

The trouble with the above plan is that it is not personalised. It doesn't take into account YOUR unique genetic variations for key genes involved in metabolism, fat storage, satiety, carbohydrate responsiveness. We are all different when it comes to 'how' our bodies respond to weigh-loss so a "one size fits all approach" is not useful (or helpful).

When Dr Heidi and I did the DNA DIET test we found out that we are completely different when it comes to the best diet to eat and the amount and intensity of exercise we must do. Good to know!

Dr Heidi should eat a low-fat diet and do high-intensity exercise, which translates into her having to do 30 -40 mins of weights and cardio at an anaerobic level, 5 -6 times a week! Hectic. But if she wants to lose weight or maintain a good BMI - this is her personalised plan!

My DNA DIET results showed that I am best suited to the Mediterranean diet (always had a love affair with Italy)! I also have to do 20 MET hours of exercise per week. 

The Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET), or simply metabolic equivalent, is a physiological measure expressing the energy cost of physical activities and is defined as the ratio of metabolic rate (and therefore the rate of energy consumption) during a specific physical activity. This means I also need to do high-intensity cardio for 30 mins 5 - 6 times a week if I want to burn fat.  

What is also so empowering about personalising your diet for weight loss is that you can find out whether you respond better to diet or exercise.

When I was younger, I used to view food and diet in calories. Now I know that food is actual information to my DNA and biochemistry, providing energy for my body to function optimally. This means that not calories are created equal! I now know that my food choices need to be packed with specific nutrients that I need to prevent a recurrence of my estrogen-positive cancer. I now seek out foods based on which nutrients they contain! This makes grocery shopping and ordering in a restaurant a whole lot easier! When I am very busy and on the go, I 'add in' supplements with the amino acids, phytonutrients, and fatty acids that I know that I need to consume daily.

Latest research into weight loss has shown that it is not simply "nil per mouth". Stress, toxicity, inflammation, hormone imbalances, food allergies and the lack of good, quality sleep can contribute to weight gain and/or make it more difficult to lose those extra kgs. We recommend addressing these issues before going on a calorie restricted diet. 

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