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Sporty genes?

Sporty genes?
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You've heard the saying "exercise is medicine", and perhaps more recently that "over-exercising can age you". Both these statements are true, yet they might not be true for you!

This is because of your DNA. More specifically your unique genetic variations in key genes involved in blood flow, respiration, performance and endurance, recovery time, and injury susceptibility. In fact, your genes can even indicate which is the best time of day for your train - morning or evening. How incredible is that! Your unique genetic variations will inform you as to whether you are a marathon runner, a sprinter or both. 

I found that combining the DNA HEALTH + SPORT + DIET test gave me the best information to achieve my optimal health. The reason being is that the genes analysed across these three tests provided me with a great overview of the type of diet best suited me, how many MET hours (intensity of exercise) I should do together with my predispositions to inflammation and oxidative stress and what type of exercise is best suited to me. Putting all this information together was really fun and exciting. It also assisted me in being in charge of my daily choices. This is heaven for a control-freak like me! 

You can take a look at this DNA test combo, here:



This test is perfect if you are planning to participate in a sports event such as the Comrades marathon, or the 94.7 cycle challenge, Iron Man or Iron Woman or just enjoy exercising every day but want to maximize your efforts.

Once you have this information about your unique athletic ability, you can start to make pre-training and post-training choices that are best suited to you. You can personalise your nutrition in order to provide optimal support to your muscles and bones in order to prevent injury or increase energy during exercise. 

I first gained these insights about 7 years ago, and I am still honing my daily exercise choices. What is really helpful, is that when I do feel inflamed or tired, I have my own personal roadmap to get myself back on track. 

To find out more, visit our integrated SPORTS SHOP. Here you'll be able to 'put it all together' and choose which DNA test combo appeals to you. You can also order one of our advanced biochemistry tests. These tests can be ordered online, enabling you to optimize and personalise your daily sports nutrition and enhance your athletic performance. 

We live in a truely amazing time, where we can all go from B to A to win the wellness race.


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