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Join circles around your DNA daily.

Join circles around your DNA daily.
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The field of Functional Medicine is filled with inspiring women, and one who often comes to mind is Dr Sara Gottfried. This incredible American doctor is a Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience and an author of two New York Times bestselling books, plus a mom, a scholar, a yoga teacher, and a woman, whose mission is to motivate others to lead a healthful, mindful life.

I recently watched a video on Dr Sara’s Instagram page, in which she shares her breakfast routine, and it stayed with me for days. It struck me as a perfect example of how, by being mindful of your choices and joining circles around your DNA, you can literally transform all aspects of your life and your health.

Dr Sara reached a point in her life in which she was feeling stressed, rushed and disconnected. In her own words, ‘In my thirties, I suffered from what I call the 4 “F’s” – frazzled, frumpy, fat, and you can imagine the fourth “F.” By making a few pivotal changes, she has managed to return to a more balanced, joyful and healthful way of life, and watching her speak on this video, you can almost feel the positive new energy she radiates.

Using breakfast as a microcosm for the changes Dr Sara had to make, she went from eating (or not eating) at high speed, having coffee with her breakfast, while reading the newspaper, to becoming conscious of every aspect of her breakfast routine. She slowed down everything, right down to the pace of her voice and her movements. She now takes three deep breaths before eating, and eats mindfully, enjoying her food rather than rushing it on the go. She has also stopped drinking coffee, as that used to speed her up, and trained herself to eat the right amount, rather than too much or too little. Last, but definitely not least, she makes sure everything she puts in her body, from her food to her supplements, is organic. She has many intolerances which can be exacerbated by a toxin burden.

For us, Dr Sara is such a great example of how being mindful of all aspects your everyday routines can help you make better decisions, especially regarding all the small things that add up over time. When it comes to changing your DNA expression for the better, all your nutrition, environment and lifestyle decisions that you join circles around your DNA daily is where you start. You have a choice at every step of the way – and we’re here to help you make the right ones.

BREAKFAST with Dr Sara Gottfried


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