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Need a little 'nudge' to get started?

Need a little 'nudge' to get started?
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“Research shows that people stay more committed to their health goals and choices when they have a wellness coach. It's the personalisation, positive psychology and empowerment that seems to be the key to peoples' success when working with a wellness coach. Wellness coaching helps to 'demystify' medical data, making it more accessible for you to take ownership of your health. I wanted to share this app that we use with our wellness coaching clients. It’s called ‘NUDGE’ which is a perfect description of this tracking app - it provides you with a great overview of your daily choices as well as over a 30 day period. Seeing all your choices - good and bad - add up over time is a powerful tool for motivating you to get started with some of your health goals. It works with the Apple Health app and FitBit too”. Margie

Download the app for free:

If you'd like to explore wellness coaching, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you get started on your journey towards optimal wellness.

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