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Make Black Friday Cyber Monday the first day of your personal health journey

Make Black Friday Cyber Monday the first day of your personal health journey
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Have you noticed Black Friday specials creeping into your inbox over the last two or three years?

When we first noticed this addition to the South African retail calendar, we were more than a little baffled. After all, being the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is as all-American as you can get.

Black Friday and its crazy deals have successfully kicked-off the U.S. Christmas shopping season since 1952, but what with our retail industry under such immense pressure, South African stores recently decided to take the plunge and see if they could get the movement to gain momentum locally.

Gain momentum it has, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales more than trebling between 2015 and 2016, and the same growth, if not more, expected for this year.

But let’s be honest, BFCM is generally for tech stores, supermarkets and other massive chain stores, so why is a niche business like JOINCIRCLES taking part?

Because we believe being healthy should be accessible to everyone.

The future of health is personalisation, which is why you need to know your DNA. Once you understand how your genes work, you will be able to make personalised nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices, decisions that are guaranteed to improve your wellness – as they’ve been made with your very own DNA in mind.

So, what does this have to do with BFCM? Initially, we weren’t sure if there was a space for our health programme in this commercial activity, but then we thought, what the heck, we’re going to make a space. Our drive is to make people healthier and to prevent lifestyle-related chronic diseases, so why not use every opportunity we have to reach the largest number of people possible?

We want to remove any barriers to your knowing your DNA – so we’ve put a selection of special offers in place for you this Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Yours in wellness,

Dr Heidi & Margie

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