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Your personal health timeline | Reducing your risks as early as possible

Your personal health timeline | Reducing your risks as early as possible
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When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was shocked. Nobody in my family had had cancer, and all the big words that were being thrown about by doctors were totally foreign to me. They belonged in medical textbooks, not in conversations about my life.

While I was dealing with the terrifying emotions the diagnosis threw at me, two burning questions arose: Why did I get cancer and how could I prevent a recurrence?

My friend Heidi bought me a series of DNA tests for my birthday, and when I studied my results and started to look back at my life, I realised that, even though I didn’t know I had been at risk for cancer, I had ticked nearly all the boxes for established and emerging risk factors.

These risks were spread out over the course of my lifetime and included everything from exposure to unseen chemicals as a child, when I would spend hours swimming in chlorinated pools or rolling around on chemically fertilised lawns, partying like crazy in my 20s, and later, being incredibly stressed and hardly exercising during my 12 years in the corporate world.


Putting together all the pieces of my cancer puzzle, helped me find the answers that I was looking for. Unfortunately, because I didn’t know about my risks at the time, the lifestyle choices I made resulted in the world-crumbling shock that was my cancer diagnosis.

The message I want to share, is that even if you think they’re tiny, all your choices compound. I used to think I was invincible, especially in my 20s. I’d go partying and drink all night, and assume my liver had me sorted by the next day. But that’s not true. The damage I was doing to my DNA and biochemistry added up. One day I woke up with cancer and wondered where it came from, but the truth is, if I’d known what I do now, I could have done everything possible to try and avoid it.


I have travelled this path and would like to help you avoid the same mistakes. Doing DNA testing will give you long-range vision and help you to look forward when it comes to your personal health timeline. With the right information to guide you, you can start to think about your lifestyle choices and the ways in which you can reduce your risk from as young an age as possible BEFORE a physical disease manifests. 

Our prevention steps: I AM, I CAN, I DO

I AM: knowing your own unique genetic predisposition to estrogen-driven caners

I CAN: equipping you with all the latest information

I DO: putting it all into action. We are often asked, “How or where do I start?” One of the primary aims of JoinCircles is to help you with this process.

My DNA. My Choices.





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