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In Functional Medicine, inflammation is viewed as the precursor to many lifestyle-related, chronic diseases. Prolonged inflammation causes conditions like allergies, GUT problems, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease, asthma, heart disease, obesity, diabetes type 2, dementia, depression and certain cancers. The reason is that inflammation leads to premature ageing from the inside out. This is called 'inflammaging'!

Listen to Dr Mark Hyman explain 'what' is inflammation and 'why' it is important to ensure that your body is not in a chronically inflamed state. He highlights the difference between acute inflammation (an injury, a sore throat or a headache) versus chronic, low-grade inflammation and 'how' it plays a role in the development of many lifestyle-related chronic diseases. 

Our INFLAMMATION QUIZ is also a great place to start.

The DNA HEALTH TEST will assist you taking the 'guesswork' out of your nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices when it comes to managing low-grade, chronic inflammation. The DNA HEALTH  tests for the key genes involved in inflammation. 

Visit our integrated INFLAMMATION SHOP where we unpack for you all the important 'circles' that you need to manage 'around' your DNA, in order to limit chronic inflammation. Here we highlight the 12 therapeutic nutrients required daily, together with better environment and lifestyle choices. 

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