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How can you start methylating optimally?

How can you start methylating optimally?
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Methylation is a process where a molecule known as a 'methyl group' (made up of 1 carbon and 3 hydrogens atoms) is used to affect countless critical functions in your body. This simple little molecule can affect your thinking, how your body repairs your DNA, fights infections, detoxifies toxins, etc. Most importantly, it can be used to talk to your genes and turn them ‘on’ and ‘off’. For example, you might be able to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, poor memory, ADD/ADHD, depression and even cancer by just supporting your body’s methylation process. That’s incredible!

Testing the key genes involved in methylation is a great place to start and will empower you to make personalised choices based on your unique genetic variations. We believe that this is the best place to start because it takes the 'guesswork' out of your methylation choices! We definitely don't want you to over-methylate.

Methylation works inside the detoxification process so, the more toxins we’re exposed to, the more methylation nutrients we’ll use to detox those toxins. This is one of the main reasons we changed as many of our body care products as we could to non-toxic products.

Dr Heidi ask Dr Kara Fitzgerald, A functional medicine practitioner who specialises in methylation, to explain methylation. Kara explains that methylation is essential for the optimal function of almost all your body systems. It occurs probably billions of times every second! 

Before our cancers, we’d never heard of ‘methylation’. Now, we ADD IN methylation nutrients daily in the food we eat and supplements we take to ensure our methylation pathways always have the nutrients they need to work optimally. The great thing is that there is so much you can do to support your methylation process. Based on our DNA HEALTH + ESTROGEN test results, we personalise our daily methylation choices and we wanted to share this with you. This may help you to start making better methylation choices too!

Our Methylation Diary:

    • We look for daily opportunities to 'add' in Vitamin B6 & B12 together with folate. Because we know that we won't be able to eat enough foods that contain these essentials vitamins in our day, we take 2 x Metagenics MethylCare.
    • We eat as much plant-based folate (mostly from dark green leafy vegetables) as we like but it's recommended to keep supplemented folate at 400-800mcg.
    • On weekends, we try fun recipes from Genes to Plate  - this is a great way to ensure that we make food that is packed with methylation-supporting nutrients.
    • On our way to work, we grab either a sachet from the SOLALWOMAN's pack or the Metagenics Wellness Essentials Woman's prime pack to take midmorning - both these packs include folate (5-MTHF) as well as other beneficial nutrients.
    • We run daily for 30 mins to assist our body in lowering our homocysteine levels and balance our methylation processes. Exercise is considered to one of the important methylation 'adaptogens'.
    • When getting ready in the morning or when going to bed, we ensure that our beauty products don't include any toxins. Toxicity creates additional stress on methylation.
If you are interested in doing some more browsing for methylation support take a look at our curated SHOP BY GENES categories or visit our integrated


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