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Do I need a Functional Medicine Wellness Coach?

Do I need a Functional Medicine Wellness Coach?
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Do you find it difficult to be healthy? Do you find that you sabotage yourself before you even get a chance to see the improvements in your health? Has your doctor given you a chronic disease diagnosis that you don't understand? Maybe you want to prevent being on medication for the rest of your life, or you wish to lose weight, have more energy, less brain fog......overwhelming, right?

Sometimes you may be given instructions or suggestions from a practitioner that just don't fit in with you, your reality or culture. These suggested changes leave you feeling defeated before you have even begun! 

That's where Functional Medicine Wellness Coaching is different.

It starts with YOU! Before you even see your coach (either in person or via Skype/ Zoom) she would have asked you to complete the VIA Character Strengths Survey. This will help you to determine 24 character strengths. Together you will identify your top 5 or 6 and harness these to help you on your wellness journey. What's so great about this is that you get to work from a place of strength, not weakness and this positive approach is super-empowering! 

Next, you and your coach will engage in an introductory session where you get to ask all the questions you might have about how coaching works and whether it really is for you. Your coach will explain her scope of practice, and how she works. This introduction session is really important as you both need to 'hit it off' and feel like you have a warm, empathetic rapport.

If you are ready to start, then you will schedule your foundation session where you will explore with your coach what your health and wellness goals are, your priorities, and your goals. Your coach will use many tools to ensure that you start to make progress and together you can decide which of these works best for you. To give you an idea of the types of resources you will be given, here are some of my favourites:

1. Functional Medicine Timeline

Often when you are unwell, the focus is on the current situation and not much thought is given to your past health choices. Functional Medicine takes a look at your health timeline, encouraging you to see how all the tiny, small choices and events in your life have compounded over time, resulting in you becoming unhealthy. 

2. Wellness Wheel 360

This awesome tool encourages you to take a look at all the aspects of your life and well-being and rate them from 1 -10 them inside a wheel. The ideal is to have a perfectly weighted, round wheel. I haven't seen one yet! However, your goal is to strive for a balanced, happy life. What I have seen is that everyone's wheel changes, so I love to do this exercise at the beginning of your coaching journey and then again at the end, to see how far you have come!

3. Readiness Ruler

This is a great self-assessment tool for you to determine how ready you are to change. I like to use this to help you to determine at which stage of change you are - pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, and action, maintenance or termination. What you will learn is that you can easily coast right back into preparation or contemplation if we lose our nerve, focus or steam. For your behaviour change to prove sustainable, it must enter a maintenance phase (generally, six months or more of consistent action) until it finally becomes ingrained as a stable habit. This final, ongoing phase is known as termination, which implies that the change is now a permanent part of your lifestyle.

4. SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals is a great tool to help keep you accountable to your goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

5. Functional Medicine Resources

One of the best parts about choosing a Functional Medicine Wellness Coach is that you gain access to a wealth of resources for your specific and personalised needs. At JOINCIRCLES, you may need help in understanding where to start after receiving your DNA results, it may be that you need to lose weight, start exercising, transforming your stress, or changing your diet. The list is endless and you will be given access to tools and information to inspire and empower you.

On a personal note, it was only after my estrogen-positive ovarian cancer diagnosis that I started to take my health seriously. My two greatest takeaways from being sick where 1) my poor health choices throughout my life had led me to a chronic disease diagnosis and 2) it's hard to change, but it's harder to be sick!

If you would like to explore Functional Medicine Wellness Coaching, you can book with me by clicking on the link below.





Yours in wellness!


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